DDA Marketing: The Web

We are capable of creating, updating and maintaining websites, graphics, videos and a variety of related tools to increase the image of your small business on the web. We have the capabilities to do all HTML programming in-house, and are knowledgeable of database-driven content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla. We can also create custom HTML emails and newsletters, and have worked with both IContact and Constant Contact.

We approach your web and social media presence as a package, designing graphics, profile art and banner images so there is consistency throughout. We can use these same images to be a key part of your brand and design them into business cards and letterhead. Last but not least, since so much of this is done inhouse, we can turn around projects quickly if needed.

As an example, in our last project, we met with the client on a Wednesday, then had a logo, letterhead, business cards, press release, Twitter and Facebook pages and a complete website launched….in only 5 days. It’s not something we would want to do regularly, but illustrates what we can do if there is a pressing need. While some firms may take 4 to 6 weeks to do all that, this client was receiving revenue through their site only one week after deciding to launch the business.