Why DDA Marketing?      
Here Are A Few Reasons To Consider...      

At DDA Marketing, our premise is fairly simple: We want to become your outsourced marketing department; from strategy to web development, social media, brochures, PR, branding, video, and even merchandising and project management, we can take care of it all.

A typical relationship with DDA begins with a specific marketing need, usually for a new website or marketing campaign. Since we suggest and encourage metrics to ensure projects get measurable results, this usually leads to conversations dealing with other factors throughout the sales and marketing cycle: With one client, a lack of sales resulted in an analysis of a dozen competitors, revealing key price points were in some cases wildly above the market, and others were significantly below.

With another client, management was happy with increased web traffic, but they were not paying attention to lead generation and closing. At another, there was substantial social media work being posted, but these were not translating into business. A quick look at the timing of the posts showed their posting was coming during business hours, not nights and weekends when consumers might be more likely to respond.

At DDA Marketing, these are among the things we focus on. We have the skill sets to write websites, brochures, email blasts, press releases and manage your image in the community. We also do this, however, with the same eye toward business as a CEO would. A campaign may be beautiful and impressive, but we don’t view any project a success until it gets results. Goals without a plan are just a wish, so we identify key metrics and track them closely so you know if you are getting a return on your marketing investment.